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Girls Like Me- 1 Signed Hard Cover Book

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Girls Like Me, dream BIG!
Girls Like Me is an inspiring picture book showcasing the many different careers that children can pursue. Follow the journey of a curly haired little girl as she explores a new role on every page, gaining the self confidence to become a future history maker. This easy to read story is designed to shape the future for readers and encourage them to begin exploring occupations at an early age.

What Amazon Readers are saying:
★★★★★ "This is such a cute & sweet book! My daughter loved it, and enjoyed pointing out all the different careers that she wants to pursue as she gets older. The illustrations are bright and very well done! I can’t wait to get this for all my nieces and nephews as well!"
★★★★★ "This is a must have for all little girls and a great book for little boys! Girls need to see themselves doing anything they want."
★★★★ ★ "I got this for my friend’s child and she absolutely loves it! it was so heartwarming to see her read a book with characters that resembles her 💗 this book is perfect and is a must have for all Black girls striving to be anyone and the best they can be!"
★★★★★ "Great book. My daughter loved it! She was so excited to see a little girl that looks like her! With every occupation she asked "Mommy, can I do that to?" I also loved the book too."
★★★★★ “I recommend this book to anyone with young women or children in their lives. My 2 year old niece has this book and though she’s still learning to read, she will grow up with this book as a constant reminder that her dreams are never out of reach."